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Matt Watson, New Redbud VC Advisor

Updated: Jan 18

Matt Watson is a true inspiration in the world of entrepreneurship, with a proven track record building successful startups and helping founders achieve their dreams. As a serial entrepreneur, startup CTO, and podcaster, Watson has made a name for himself as a leading voice in the tech startup community.

Watson's journey began in 2003 when he founded VinSolutions at only 22 years old. He bootstrapped the company to $30+ million in ARR and eventually sold it to AutoTrader in 2011 for an impressive $150 million. VinSolutions continues to be the #1 CRM in the automotive industry, a testament to Watson's vision and leadership.

After leaving VinSolutions, Watson started Stackify, which focused on application monitoring for software developers. Under his guidance, Stackify grew into a successful company and was eventually acquired by Netreo in 2021.

But Watson's entrepreneurial spirit didn't stop there! He then founded his own offshore development company, Full Scale, based in the Philippines. With over 300 employees, Full Scale provides support for SaaS companies and has become an important resource for startups looking to scale their businesses.

In addition to his work as a startup founder and CEO, Watson is also an active podcaster and blogger. His podcast, Startup Hustle, has been running for the past 5 years and has featured hundreds of amazing entrepreneurs sharing their stories and lessons. Watson's blog,, is also a valuable resource for founders looking to learn more about building successful startups.

Given his impressive track record and wealth of experience, it's no surprise that Watson has joined ScaleVC, an accelerator fund and venture studio focused on early-stage tech startups in the Midwest and beyond. As an early-stage investor and pre-seed advisor, Watson will share his insights and expertise with founders looking to build successful companies.

At Scale VC, Watson joins a team of dedicated operators who are committed to helping early-stage startups achieve their full potential. By investing monetary and social capital in founders who are strengthened by struggle, Scale is removing unnecessary barriers and providing the support and resources that startups need to succeed.

For founders looking to build the next big thing in tech, having access to experienced advisors like Watson is crucial. With his guidance and support, entrepreneurs in the Midwest and beyond will have a better chance of turning their ideas into successful businesses.


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