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Phil Reynolds, New Redbud VC Advisor

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Recently, Redbud VC announced that Phil Reynolds, founder of BriteCore and DevStride, has joined their team as a new advisor. Phil brings his extensive experience in building successful tech startups to the table and will be a valuable addition to the Redbud VC team.

Phil Reynolds is a Midwest-based entrepreneur who has founded and scaled two successful companies in the tech industry. Britecore, which he founded in 2009, is a leading provider of next-generation core software solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry. DevStride, which he founded in 2015, is a software development and consulting firm that helps businesses build and launch custom software solutions.

As an early-stage investor, Phil has a keen eye for spotting promising tech startups in their pre-seed stages. He understands the challenges that early-stage founders face and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in navigating those challenges. His expertise in building and scaling companies will be invaluable to the startups that Redbud VC invests in.

Phil's focus on the Midwest is also significant. While the coasts often dominate the tech scene, the Midwest is a region with a lot of untapped potential. With Phil's experience in building successful tech companies in the Midwest, he can help Redbud VC identify promising startups in the region and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

Redbud VC is an accelerator fund that invests in startups that are strengthened by struggle. They believe that struggle builds character, resilience, and grit, which are essential traits for successful founders. Redbud provides social and monetary capital to help founders overcome the challenges they face and accelerate their growth.

With Phil Reynolds on board as an advisor, Redbud VC can continue to support early-stage tech startups and help them achieve their goals. Phil's experience in building and scaling companies, his focus on the Midwest, and his dedication to helping early-stage founders make him a valuable addition to the Scale VC team.


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