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Maria Heyen, New Redbud VC Associate

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Redbud VC is an early-stage venture capital fund and studio investing monetary and social capital in early-stage tech founders.

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Meet Maria Heyen, the newest addition to the Redbud VC team! Maria is currently studying at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and will be graduating this month (May 2023) with a degree in Business Administration. She's majoring in International Business and Clifton Builders Management (Entrepreneurship). She will join Redbud VC as the first full-time hire as an Associate.

Maria's interest in venture capital was sparked during her internship at Nelnet. From there, she went on to intern at Nebraska Angels where she got a better understanding of early stage investing and its importance in the Midwest. She also worked at Yoo & Co Accelerators and gained experience in the industry.

When asked about what excites her about investing, Maria spoke of being the "first believer," and the feeling that comes with supporting founders early on. She expressed a desire to be a partner to founders and to be part of their journey. Maria is excited to bring her passion for investing and her experience to Columbia, MO, where she has been inspired by the history of the local talent at highly successful startups such as EquipmentShare and Zapier.

Maria was drawn to Redbud VC because of its founder-driven thesis and the personal relationships it builds with founders. She looks forward to not just investing in exciting, early-stage companies, but to building relationships with the founders. She loves the team's energy and work ethic, especially Brett Calhoun, whom she feels she can complement well by bringing youthfulness, incredible drive, and a desire to move quickly, fail fast, and never stop trying.

At Redbud VC, Maria is excited to bring her passion and energy to support founders. She's competitive and loves winning, and she's looking forward to working with a team that shares these values. When she's not working, Maria loves cooking, reading memoirs, and attending concerts. Overall, Maria is an excellent addition to the Redbud VC team. We're excited to see what she brings to the table and how she contributes to the firm and its portfolio companies.


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