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Lori Coulter, Redbud VC Advisor

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Redbud VC is thrilled to introduce Lori Coulter, founder of Summersalt, as an advisor. Coulter is a true powerhouse in the tech startup world and local legend, having founded, a popular swimwear and apparel brand that has been featured in publications like Vogue and Forbes. She has been an excellent resource for Redbud VC companies since their beginning and her expertise in building a successful brand from scratch, coupled with her experience as an early-stage investor, make her a valuable asset.

As an advisor, Coulter works closely with founders in the early stages of their businesses to help them navigate the challenges of building a successful startup. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in branding, marketing, and e-commerce, all of which are essential for startups looking to establish themselves in today's competitive market.

Coulter's roots in the Midwest also make her a natural fit for Redbud VC, which is focused on supporting tech startups between the coasts. With her deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing founders in the area, she provides insights and guidance to entrepreneurs looking to build successful companies in resource constrained environments.

At Redbud VC, Coulter complements dedicated team of operators who are committed to helping early-stage startups between the coasts achieve their full potential. Together, they work to remove unnecessary barriers and provide the support that founders need to succeed.

For founders looking to build the next big thing in tech, having access to experienced advisors like Coulter is crucial. With her guidance and support, entrepreneurs in the Midwest and beyond have a better chance of turning their ideas into successful businesses as a part of Redbud VC.


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