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Data-Driven Approach to Property Management with Nick Farquhar, CEO of Appreciate

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Check out Rudbud portfolio company founder Nick Farquhar on the Tech Nest: The Proptech Podcast discussing his data driven proptech solutions.

"This is a different approach. We've got Nick Farquhar. He is the CEO of a company called Appreciate. You can find them online, They describe themselves as a tech-enabled property management. And one of the first questions I asked Nick was, "what does it mean to be tech-enabled property management?" You got to listen to this one. Appreciate gets into the data, their approach is a little different than others with educating their clients—helping them make sure that they get all the tax advantages they deserve. And they have a unique revenue model in that they don't charge turnover fees and they don't upcharge on maintenance. It's very interesting. Let's jump in and hear what Nick has to say."

Released 4/4/2023:


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