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Brett Calhoun

Managing Director & GP 

Brett is the Managing Director and GP at Redbud VC. Brett has co-founded two fintechs, with one scaling to $1M+ ARR in 12 months post-launch.  Brett raised $6.5M in capital for Redbud VC and raised $10M in debt and equity for CharlieMike, a fintech lender for veterans. In addition, Brett was a licensed CPA, holds the ABV accreditation, and has an MBA from the University of Missouri Crosby MBA. Brett was named to Forbes 30 under 30 for Venture Capital in 2024. Before VC, Brett led transaction and litigation valuation engagements for startups to public companies. Brett is also a mentor at Techstars, the University of Missouri, and Founders Institute. He is also an active guest lecturer at MU. 

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